Open doors to clay creatives around the globe . . . and around the corner!

~ Manifesting a Dream ~


Transforming our antique home in Midtown Memphis Tennessee to become RoCat ArtSpace  is preceded by projects necessary for functional and comfortable studio facilities and hospitality we endeavor to offer all we welcome through our door.

Resourceful repurposing of building materials and “weekend warrior” progress towards our goal has been steady, but our personal means impede what we are able to accomplish on our own.

our mission to bring people together begins now.

When we found one another, we realized we can accomplish more together than we ever could alone.

In honor of our wedding on 8 August, 2020 we invite those most dear to us to contribute to our aspiration.

"It takes a village to grow the future, we want you to be part of the success ahead."

Rob + Cat


Your support offers the financial advantage we need to jump start our next projects in our plan!

Take a look at what is  coming up next ~ 

The Art Port

The goal of this project is use our current carport to create a versatile convertible space for instruction and workshops on the potter’s wheel as well as clay and glaze mixing. Pivoting sliding track doors open the east side of the building to the outdoors and divided light doors lead to the kiln garden. Electric kilns and power and hand tools are housed in a locking storage closet inside the space.

Home Base Studio

Big bang project with one major goal of removing the four-sided fireplace to complete open the studio  to allow for free configuration of workspace and natural light. Double set of divided light doors will lead into the kiln garden for additional outdoor work and relaxation areas.

The Kiln Garden

An essential draw for clay artists both near and far, our kiln garden project will feature a variety of unique kilns set in a natural and beautiful backdrop perfect for both work and play. Both studios will use double sets of divided light doors to directly access this versatile space.


Over the past two years, moved forward on a number of projects with a lot of hard work and cost effective measures of reclaiming and reusing unwanted items from the neighborhood and community.

Here are a few successes we look forward to sharing ~

The Courtyard

Both functional and beautiful, the work done in this project adds outdoor living features in harmony with abundant decorative plants and flowers alongside a productive herb and food garden. Installation of a redwood deck off the back of the Main House is complimented with kitschy concrete pavers in a fun checkerboard pattern. The vintage garden sink, pivoting grilling stand, and festive parasol complete this welcoming oasis at the back of the property.

Kitchen Expansion [Phase 1]

First major steps in renovating our 10’x10’ kitchen to three times the size for a bright social hub of the Main House. Converting the original 1927 dining room back from a bedroom set the pace followed by reclaiming the butler’s pantry into the kitchen by removal of a wall, exposing brick from the boiler chimney, and opening the back kitchen wall to create a breakfast nook and allow natural light to pour in. Fabrication of a unique washbasin from a 1930’s drill press and reclaimed exotic tigerwood compliments vintage found elements including a 1930s oven and china sideboard.

Phase 2 will include opening an archway connecting the dining to the kitchen, concrete countertops, cabinets, pressed tin ceiling, and distressed surfacing to the new hardwood flooring among other details.

Promenade des Fleurs

Beautifying north and south sides of the property began with tilling the clay rich soil with organics to become more fertile. From there, creation of mulched beds with boarders provide the canvas for thoughtful composition of flowering and seasonal greenery encourage pollinators and add to the seclusion of these areas of the urban property. Once established, features such as a “green fence” of honeysuckle and jasmine on the north side and Weeping Atlas on the south will allow visitors to immerse themselves in creative contemplation during their stay.


With your help, our dream of serving the community with our skills, talents, and passion can become a reality. We greatly appreciate your joining our efforts to shine creative and positive light in the world.


Tell us what you think . . . suggestions, questions, or to get involved with RoCat Arts at the ground level before we launch! Drop us a line today ~