We look forward to serving a broad audience, ranging from novice to professional, ages 6 to 106, those we serve are locals, tourists, individuals, friends, and families interesting in creating using clay as the medium.

We specialize in providing unique experiences tailored to the needs of each client ranging from studio and equipment access for experienced hobbyists and professionals to effective instruction and dynamic workshops in clay work using handbuilding, sculpting, and wheel throwing techniques.

Students, collectors, and appreciators of art enjoy the unexpected variety of high quality exhibitions displayed in the gallery including local artists, students, and internationally recognized professionals. Visiting and resident artists bring diversity to the teaching staff and community through workshops, lectures, and hands-on community projects.



Current and future educators seeking support in establishing studio practices, lessons plans, and technical training are among the most sought clients.


Future of the Company

As we grow and connect with the Memphis creative community, we will expand studio access hours, class and workshop offerings, and develop educational residency and artist exchange programs to enrich the experiences of our clients. Additionally, in partnering with educational institutions internships, scholarships, and field trips will be established.